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The Power of a Simple Prayer in the Garden…

It was my son’s birthday. He turned 7.  All he asked for was a new Lego set. I teased him all week that I hoped it would arrive in time for his birthday {meanwhile it was hidden in a closet. It had arrived days ahead.}  That morning he awoke and ran downstairs to see his Lego set, all wrapped on the kitchen table.

He was so excited to have it in his hands, after waiting for so long.  I told him after his school work was complete, he could begin building it.

As any mom of boys has learned about Legos and Star Wars Legos, many of the sets come with “mini figures.” These little “guys” are quite a treasure to my boys. They collect them, trade them with their friends, etc.

So that afternoon it was unusually warm. The schoolwork was complete and my son set out to play in the yard, with his new Star Wars Lego set and mini figures in tow. They ventured into the garden which is full of mud and old leaves from fall. They were getting filthy, but having a blast with their new treasures.

I went inside to do some laundry and then I heard crying. Sobbing. Uncontrollable.

I ran outside and there was my son, seated in the garden, in the mud sobbing.

“What happened?”


“Ok, calm down. We’ll find it. Where did you drop it? What color is it?”

He explained he dropped it “somewhere” in the garden and the guy is tan and gray. The same color of the mud and leaf piles mind you…

I got a shovel and started to comb the whole garden. Nothing. We all took different areas of the garden and searched. And searched. And searched.
While my son sobbed.

I kept praying in my mind to please have God let us find it. Let the kids see your power.

After what seemed to be defeat, suddenly my 3 year old screams, “let’s pray to Jesus!”
Immediately he beings,

“Dear Jesus, please…help…find Johnny’s Lego guy….”

As he was saying the prayer,  I hit something hard in the mud.  It didn’t look like anything, just mud. But then, I started scraping, and the mud pulled away and buried deep into a heap of mud was the Lego Guy.

I screamed, “We found it!”
All the kids squealed and screamed, “God answered our prayer!!”

I looked them all square in the eye and said, “Never, ever, doubt  God. He is real.”

In such a small circumstance I have never felt so close to God. Felt His presence so near. And felt Him so real. It was almost as thought I could touch Him and say thank you. 
He was there in that moment.

I think God knew I needed that lesson even more than the kids did that day. I had been having a few issues on my mind, and He knew just then how much I needed to see His work in our lives everyday..even in the small stuff.

He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.
Psalm 40:2


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