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The Goal Of Education…

Education at home looks very different than education in aclassroom setting.  Sometimes the line gets blurred as to where school begins and ends…personally it is a line I prefer to see blurred!
This wasn’t always so. When I first started home schooling, I thought I needed to set up a classroom, fill up lots of worksheets, and have a strict schedule.
As time went on, I realized the very life I am preparing my children for, is the life we are living now. We shouldn’t be learning for a “someday” mindset…but for each and every moment that we are living.
A true education is occurring every moment of the day- the meshing of the knowledge with the heart.

We learn by doing. Life is learning.

But most of all, we learn about God first.
The goal in mind to me is an eternal one…I have heard the phrase before, 
“Is the goal Heaven or Harvard?” 
May it be Heaven!
And if God wants my child to be academically successful, He will prepare them for Harvard.
But the eyes must be fixed on Him and on Heaven.
In the end of this road called education, (which will not end really ever…because after all when we say “graduate” does that mean learning stops?)  if my children know the Lord first and foremost, I have done my job.
If I have nurtured them, made them feel loved each and every moment… I have done my job
If I have been there to help them struggle, to help them rejoice, and challenge them…I have done my job
If I have helped them realize their potential IN CHRIST…I have done my job
I have to answer to the Lord one day about how I raised my children, and to look at the Lord face to face- will I say, 
“they made it in this world?”

Or will I say,
” they know you.”
May it be the latter.

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