Reader’s Digest “I Used to Know That Geography: stuff you forgot from school” Review

I recently was given the book “I Used to Know That Geography: stuff you forgot from school” for the purpose of review.

I have previously reviewed two eBooks, also from Reader’s Digest, and they were fabulous.  So I was eager to dig into this geography book.

Overall, I found the book was full of information, and presented in a very clear way.  There are lots of pages of information, including:

Our physical world — rivers and coasts, plate tectonics, changing climates, the “ring of fire”
The human world — causes of the American dust bowl, population expansion, and industrial growth
Charts and maps — the countries of each continent, capital cities, and populations
Geo Gems — surprising facts about our world

The only thing about the book that didn’t work for our family was in the earlier part of the book, there is a chapter titled, “Welcome to Planet Earth” which describes things as billions of years ago.  Since our family views things on a biblical timeline, this does not fit with what we are teaching our children.

However, if you look past those areas, you will find yourself with a book full of information about the wonderful world we live in.

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