Week’s end…

It’ been a good week.  Uneventful…which is always good!  We are on our last lesson of Apologia science.  Grace finished her Power Point presentation of the planets today.  Luke is almost finished with his report.  As he told me today, “I want to take my time Mommy.”  He is a bit of a perfectionist…

I have been working with John this week on cooking, and we also talked today about the post office and mailing letters.  I then asked him to write a letter to someone and then he would address the envelope and mail it.  His first choice to write his letter to? George Washington!  When I told him that George Washington isn’t alive anymore, he said “OK.  Ben Franklin.”  I said, “John, he is not live anymore either!”  So then he decided to write to his friend Juli!  He sure can make us laugh…

Grace will finish her Math U See book next week.  I already have the next level book for her and Luke for next year.  We are also going to look into using RightStart for some supplemental games and such for next year.

The weather has been picture perfect so we have spent a lot of time outdoors this week.  Yesterday while the kids played, I spent 2 hours weeding the front of our house.  I felt like I didn’t even make a dent!  Where do all these weeds come from?? I want to get ready to do some planting, but have to do the weeding first.  As I was weeding I kept thinking about how it is just like God and us. He makes us pretty, beautifies us, and then all this sin starts to spout up again.  As fast as He weeds, sin comes up again.  As frustrated as I felt last night with weeding, and feeling like as soon as I felt like I was making progress, there were tons more weeds to pull, God never feels that way.  He is infinitely patient with us, and infinitely forgiving.  He doesn’t just say, “OK, I am done removing the sin, now you can just sit here in your sin.”  NO!   He continues to work in our lives, leading us to that day where one day in Glory we will be forever with Him.  We will be complete with Him! Amen!  And without the weeding, we can not grow and bear fruit.  In order to learn and grow, we must remove the dead stuff…

“He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.” John 15:2e fruit.

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