Simple Fun: School at the Park

We went to the park today to do some PE and science. We had a blast!

First we walked a mile around the track. We discussed how many laps it would take for various distances as we walked, and couldn’t believe that a half marathon would be 52 times around the track!  We were content with our 4 🙂

Next, we found a shady spot at a picnic table to do our science. We are studying spiders, and as we talked I looked over in the corner and there was a funnel web.  The exact thing we had been studying this week.  We ran over to observe the web, and then the spider came out to greet us!

These moments in homeschool really are the best.
We observed the spider awhile, sketched him, and then decided it was time for some play.

What a fun day of hands on learning, exercise, and just some plain ‘ol fun!

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