Teaching Kids What Matters Most

We love homeschool.  It works so well for our family.  I love teaching, learning, and the relationships our family has within it. I enjoy being with my kids everyday.

Do I believe its the only way?

I have seen many kids go through the public school, private school, or homeschool system all come out just fine.

It’s about the goals for your family.

Ultimately the sovereignty of GOD is greater than where your child goes to school.

He called me to homeschool, but he does not call everyone.

Just as He calls some to be pastors, public school teachers, missionaries, adoptive parents, singles, etc. (Eph.4 ; 1 Cor. 12)

However no matter where your child goes to school, they must be raised with the love of God in their hearts.


The ones who turn out well, have their own personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Not their parents relationship.
Their own.

They must have the desire to please God and make decisions based on what is in their hearts.

I always tell my kids-
 I expect them to behave the same way when I am in the room or when I am out of the room.

And the same goes for them as they grow and become more independent.

It is not about their surroundings, but being equipped to be surrounded by the world.

{And in turn, they choose not to be in negative surroundings.}

When they are little, we immerse them in our faith.

As they get older their faith becomes personal and ultimately lived out.

Everyday in my prayer time, I pray for ALL kids.

The Lord is sovereign above all, and His plan will be made known.
{It would be arrogant of me to think I have more control than I actually do.}

But I AM responsible to train them no matter where they go to school.

So join me in praying for the youth. They are up against a tough world.
Teaching them how to live in it but not OF it is our priority.

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