Simply…Homeschool: An Education Like No Other…

I always think it odd when people ask me how I manage to homeschool three (now four) children, all at different age levels?  In school, a teacher has to manage 25+ students and they aren’t even her own!

Where else is school would you manage to have the following:

An individualized education for each child.  The opportunity to purchase books according to each child’s learning style and abilities?

One teacher per child.  A teacher who knows them better than anyone else, loves them unconditionally, and prays over each child each and everyday?

The opportunity for each child to learn real life skills in a real life world.  No imagining situations, or an artificial  learning environment.  Learning about the real world by living in it each day.

The opportunity to develop social skills with all ages.  Not just peer dependent skills to survive amongst 25+ children of the same age all competing with each other, socially and educationally.  But real social skills.  The older ones mentoring the younger ones.  The little ones learning from the older ones.  Interacting with adults in the real world each day.

The opportunity to explore each child own interests to the full.  Skipping textbooks that contain lists of rote facts and immersing ourselves in our interests.  Pursuing each interest to the full.

I think if any school advertised the above education, 
people would flock to it.  
Yet, when it is in the homeschool environment it is questioned?

I pray for the homeschool movement everyday. That people see just what a wonderful opportunity it is.  For our children. For the future generations. To change our views about the education system.  To see what education really IS.  Not an imposed, forced idea, but an atmosphere…

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. –
 William Butler Yeats

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