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The subject of spending time, talent, and treasure, came up in today’s sermon at my church.  I was thinking alot about how I spend my time afterwards.  How I need to be using all of my time to serve Him and not just spare time.

I spoke during my presentation for Heart of the Matter’s Online Conference about how I want to make sure I am using all of my time to glorify the Lord.  I have always said that I want my children to some day look back and remember their mommy as a woman of God, first and foremost in their minds.  I want them to remember mommy always in the Word.  I want them to remember mommy always in prayer.  To one day have them say, “Wow, Mommy was always taking things to the Lord.”  
I want them to remember me reading my Bible, taking issues to Him, searching out scripture, and seeing that relationship as the priority.

But today I started thinking about how I need to use all of my time for Him.  Not just spare time.  But every moment should be used for Him.  When I am doing the tasks that seem mundane or meaningless…they are to be used for Him.

My kids are a mission field.  And how they see me handling the day is so important. 
Am I grumbling with each load of laundry, and every mess I clean up?  

Often the answer is yes.
I need to change that.
I need my whole life to be an act of service and an offering for Him.  He put me here to clean up these messes, to raise these kids, and as I have told them so many times, “To do all things without complaining….” Phillipians 2:14

Oh, how I need to value every second of my time, and see that every second can be used for Him.  Not just outside acts of service, but every waking moment is to be serving Him.  I don’t stop serving Him for any time. Each moment is to be used for service.
He gave me such an important job in raising these children and I must see it as that.

And even when they are not looking, and no one is looking…God is.  I still need to be serving. 
He is my only audience.

To have my kids look back and say, “Boy Mommy was a woman of God…never complaining, always praying, in the Word, and focusing on Him…” That would be such a reward.
I have no earthy rewards, only eternal gain.

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