Two Things I am Really Looking Forward To…

Well, if you count SPRING, that would be THREE things!

But two things I have on my mind and am planning are:

A 10th birthday for my daughter at the end of this month.  My husband and I are taking her on an overnight trip to a local hotel.  It just happens to be the hotel where we had our wedding reception, almost 11 years ago!  I am excited because SHE is so excited.  It will be so special for her to just have the two of us all to herself.  It’s rare that any of the kids have us all to themselves, let alone on an overnight trip!
I am working on getting pictures together of her when she was a baby, and writing a letter to her telling her how special she is to us.  We are also going to present her with a special piece of jewelry to show her that she is a special jewel to us and to God.  We will look at the pictures together, reminisce, and read the letter.
We plan on going out to eat, staying up late, and just treating her like a princess for the evening. I can’t wait!

I am also excited for April 1 in our homeschool.  I heard about the BEST idea when I attended Heart of the Matter’s Online Convention.  On April 1, we are going to have a “Kids Teach Mom” day at school.  They are going to plan the lessons and teach me for the whole day.  What a great way to enforce what they have learned, as well as for me to see how much they grasp all that they have learned.  And how excited are they to teach ME? Very!  What a fun idea to deviate from our normal schedule.  Can’t wait for this either…

What are you looking forward to? Comment below, I’d love to hear!

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