Purging, Cleaning, and simplifying…

Today we revamped our office/schoolroom in our house.  My husband wanted to give the kids his computer from his office, since he rarely uses it, since he mostly uses his laptop.  So, we set that up.  We also did lots of rearranging, cleaning, and purging of STUFF.

I am a glutton for schoolbooks, workbooks, learning games etc.  Yet it was time to go through them, and purge what we really didn’t need.

I love the feeling after all the cleaning was done, but let me tell you…while I was doing it, I was certainly not a happy camper.  🙂  I did more yelling than I’d care to admit, and more groaning than necessary.

Yet when it was all done, everything had a home, there was a lot less stuff, and it was clean.  The kids were so excited about the computer.  Most of all, Luke (7) is extremely artistic (like his Daddy) and he has been wanting to be able to do computer art at home.  My laptop didn’t have any programs for him to use.  Now he gets to learn on Daddy’s computer with all the professional programs.  He spent the entire afternoon and evening creating artwork on the computer.  I am really excited to incorporate this into his schoolwork!

So like anything, there’s lots of work involved before we can get to the good stuff.  We need to be patient and get through it.  Roll up our sleeves and try not to get discouraged.  I pray next time in a situation like that, I remember the goal and not let the process get me down.  Thankfully, I can ask for forgiveness and seek God in all these times.

And hopefully, I can remember to keep things simple...and not let the clutter pile up again!

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