Trip to Jamestown/Yorktown, VA

We just took a trip to Jamestown and Yorktown VA.  I don’t think I can describe enough how wonderful the experience was!
Back in the fall we visited Plymouth MA when we studied the Pilgrims, and that was truly an amazing experience.  This trip was just as good, if not better!
We have been studying American History this year.   In the fall we studied Jamestown and this spring we just wrapped up with the end of the Revolutionary War.  So seeing Jamestown and Yorktown was incredible.  To see where our nation began, followed by where the Revolutionary War ended was quite an experience.  The kids delighted in seeing everything they had read about.  They were able to talk to so many people that were in period dress, and they were also able to participate in many hands on experiences.
What I am realizing most lately is just how important it is for the kids to know history.  And not to just “know” it as most of us do: a few facts about various events memorized to pass a test.  But to have a complete understanding of how the present world we live in has come to be.  How our nation became the nation it is today.  Getting to know many of the actual people in history and their accomplishments; especially studying the character of so many of these extraordinary people.
As I have previously written, history is a huge part of our homeschool.  It will continue to be.  When you can actually understand the time line of events that have taken place in the world and get a great understanding of events that have shaped our world, it is invaluable.  It teaches us so much about how we are to live and what our place is.  God has created each one of us for THIS time in history for His purposes.  How exciting to discover what that will be!
I am so thankful for homeschool and these wonderful real life experiences we have had this year.  Not just learning facts, but immersing ourselves in a time period, truly understand it, and then actually seeing it!  What a blessing!  Understanding God’s sovereign power in our world and seeing how He has orchestrated every detail is one of the most valuable lessons we can all learn.
Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people he chose for his inheritance.  From heaven the LORD looks down and sees all mankind; Psalm 33:12-13

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