25 Things I Love, in honor of Valentine’s Day!

1.  Homeschooling my kids
2.  The fact that I get to raise my children myself, and be home with them each day
3.  COFEE!!
4.  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
5.  That my husband puts his family first before himself, always
6.  My bed, seriously it is so comfy and every night when I get in it, I LOVE the comfiness of  it!
7.  When Ethan belly laughs
8.  Girls Nights Out
9.  Vacations with my family
10.  SUMMER!
11.   Sunsets and sunrises
12.  Trader Joe’s!
13.  Seeing the kids use their imagination when they make up all kinds of things when playing
14.  Learning alongside my kids each day
15.  When the kids play “mommy spa” and pamper me with brushing my hair, putting lotion on my feet, and making me “pretty”
16.  My laptop!
17.  Alone time with my hubby
18.  Mexican food
19.  Sunday morning worship
20. Growing our own food in the garden
21.  Smooches every morning, noon, and night from my kids
22.  Watching the kids grow from beautiful little babies to toddlers, and now to fine  a young girl  and  young boys
23.  The rarity of a nap, but it feels oh so good when I can get one!
24.  My parents
25.  Reading

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