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Now is Not the Time to Cower

Everywhere we look people are shouting that the sky is falling. But really, if it were, then we would have all been buried by the sky long ago, because quite frankly, since the beginning of time there have always been plagues, wars, famine, earthquakes, turmoil, disease, violence, and more. And generation after generation has gone on. Because we are living in a sinful world. We aren’t in Heaven, yet!

Yes, the world is crazy. One look at my newsfeed on any social media confirms that. Yes, it’s heavy. Yes, it feels dark and burdensome. Downright scary at times.

But have we forgotten our God? God is on the throne. He is in control. He hasn’t given up His authority. And He has seen generation after generation walk through tragedy, struggle, and despair.

And that is why now is not the time to cower. In fact, the darker it gets, the greater your light should shine. The more turmoil abounds, the greater opportunity for you to share where we get our peace from. The more “dangerous” life seems, the greater opportunity to share where our hope and true security come from!

Do you know the “Black Death” plague killed 75% of the world’s population? Not downplaying the times we are living in, but that’s no joke. Three-fourths of your family wouldn’t survive. That’s mind-blowing.

Yet humanity has continued.

There is no promise that our generation will have it easy. In fact, I look at my grandparents’ generation and they survived two world wars, a depression, a plague, and more. It has never been easy. But they were built differently. They persevered. They were hardy. They didn’t cower.

And we shouldn’t either.

Because we have a God that is with us through every single trial. In fact, He knew the trials were coming. And He knows the outcome of each one to come. He has a purpose and a plan for it all.

I was sick two months ago and my realization afterward was, that didn’t kill me but something else will. We need to live like that! That something WILL kill us eventually. I mean none of us gets out alive.

But for those in Christ, we do! And the knowledge that there are others who don’t know that Truth, should be what spurs us on. Not our own comfort and safety.

We should be as concerned for people’s souls as we are for the latest headline to share. We are so quick to argue about the latest topics but don’t share the Gospel. Do we love our neighbors enough to tell them about Jesus? And with a world growing darker each day, is our primary concern for our safety or for others’ souls?

Now, is not the time to cower. Now is the time to look to Jesus. Now is the time to point to Jesus. The world has never been safe. It never will be. But one day, and we don’t know the hour, we will be safe in our Father’s arms. And that is the real news of the day.

There is a passage in Jeremiah that speaks to this very truth. The people are in exile in Babylon and God is showing them what to do in the midst of it:

“Build houses and settle down; plant gardens and eat what they produce. Marry and have sons and daughters; find wives for your sons and give your daughters in marriage, so that they too may have sons and daughters. Increase in number there; do not decrease.

He isn’t saying, “Sit and wait for the exile to end. Wait for fo suffering to end to look to the future. Stop living until it’s safe.”

When I read this I notice he says, to build gardens. And that shows hope for the future. You don’t plant a garden if you think there will not be a future. And He says to marry and increase. Build the future. Trust the Lord. Do what He says.

So, today, don’t cower. Keep living. Keep trusting the Lord, regardless of the circumstances. And build His Kingdom, not just your own little kingdom. Because He IS coming back!

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