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Changing Seasons

Life is full of seasons, and as I look back on them, each fondly in their own right, I am filled with joy.

There was the season of pregnancies. With each one, the doctor visits, the worries, the preparations. Making sure we picked out that perfect stroller, high chair, and baby gear.

The toddler season. Life got interesting. A bunch of littles all preschool age and under. It was busy and tiring, and loud…but full of life. There were times of worry and times of change and maybe a bit too much of hope for the future to get through that current season.


Then came the school years.  A life-changing season. The homeschooling season. Life seemed to be packed with lessons and field trips and friends. It was a magnificent season, of course with hardships woven throughout. Just like any season.

And then the teenage years. The ones I was told would be awful and hard. To my surprise, it’s my very favorite season. I adore these young people. Sure there were a few challenges here and there as we all experienced growing pains, but the fun we had! The laughs! And the enjoyment of watching the kids who had depended on me as littles now took on so much responsibility, and often I would depend on them.

They began to grow into their personalities which were so evident from the beginning– the strong will of a toddler became the strong conviction of a teen. The energy of a child became the motivation and endurance of a young adult. The curiosity of a little one became the teen who is always learning.

Yes, the seasons of change. 

And here we are on the cusp of a new season. One that will bring it all to fruition. Life will become different. The child now an adult. The full time living here as a family of six, who loves to be together will now be five full time, with anticipation of that sixth one’s visit. But it’s ok. It’s just how it supposed to be. Life moves forward. It ebbs and flows and comes out on the other side of each undulation different. Often better. But always different. I look forward to seeing what is in store in the new season.

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