In the Grand Scheme of Things…

Call me an underachiever, but I have always been a girl who looked at things with this perspective…

“In the grand scheme things, 
what will this matter?”

I never understood putting so much time and attention to little details that don’t matter much.
Remember the days of a regular ol’ rectangle birthday cake with plain candles, or *maybe* the candles that tricked you and never blew out…it wasn’t some elaborate theme…some big fancy cake to outdo everyone else. (kids really just want that yummy cake, and their family to celebrate with them)
…the days where friends gathered together and brought a covered dish, not a Pinterest fancy recipe…

…the days where we read a handwritten note from a friend, on stationary…and it wasn’t written digitally…
Ah, the simple days. The days where we could focus more on people and not things. We focused on feelings and not details. 
The world is complicated. Choose to go back to the basics. Focus on people and not details. Store up in heaven, not on earth. There is so much focus on the perfect decor, recipes, parties, homeschool books, outfits, you name it…but NONE of that matters in the end. It is all extra added on stuff- and while it can be fun at times to make fancy recipes or pretty cakes or have nice outfits..it can be too much… 
When it takes time away from us or too much thought goes into it, we are focusing on the world. The more I see Pinterest, blogs, etc. the more I worry that we are moving away from our focus on the “grand scheme of things,” to this world. 

This world is NOT it. Enjoy it, but do not put more time into the earthly pleasures than the eternal ones. Remember that in the grand scheme of things, an elaborate birthday party will not matter. Feelings matter- kids will remember that Mommy played with them, and not that she was too busy trying to make the party “just right.” Or that your house was comfortable to all who entered, not that you had the fanciest decor. 
It isn’t always the end result that matters most, but the experience of getting there. Your kids want you to be present. Their childhood is short. What will they remember you doing? 
Will you join me in looking at things differently? The next time you are buried in details trying to make things “just right…” ask yourself…

“How much does this matter in the grand scheme of things?”

 Simplify. Get back to the basics. Store up treasures in heaven. That is where it will matter.

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