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What a Long Journey…

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So many things have gone on lately, that it has been hard to write. I sometimes sit down and can’t even begin where to start…

Back in October when my husband lost his job, I had no idea it would be this long and we still would be unsettled. Although, we have been provided for abundantly and have seen God’s hand through this whole situation and we know His plans are good, at times we have felt the sting of anxiety.

The past month particularly was more difficult for me. Sure we knew God was in control, but why was nothing clear? Why were doors only halfway opening and then closing? So many nights praying for clarity, only to wake up in a fog. Then I sprained my ankle, leaving me housebound for too long, and it only helped to have my mind on the wrong things.

Then this past weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Apologia Real Refreshment Retreat in Baltimore. And boy, did God show up!

Through a crazy series of events and almost not getting down there, my girlfriends and I arrived Friday night. I was at the hight of my “fog” and just feeling so down. I spent much of Friday night in tears. I was so thankful though for my amazing sisters in Christ, who so gently wipe my tears away…and pray for me…and encourage me…and point me to Him in each moment.

I now know clearly why I had such a hard time getting to the retreat, and why I was in such a mental fog Friday night. The enemy was trying his very hardest to keep me from what was in store for me on Saturday.

God prevailed. He always does! Praise the Lord!!

The verse of the weekend was Philippians 4:8. It was life changing. I truly needed to fill my mind with things above and not of this earth. I have known this verse for so long, yet this weekend it permeated my soul.

If you have never been to a Real Refreshment Retreat, it is simply something you must do! I am telling you, it is a God ordained, Spirit filled, time of refreshment for the homeschooling mom. There is very little talk about how to homeschool or curriculum- no homeschool mama- this is all about your heart, refreshing your soul, and pointing you to the One who has called you to this jounrey.  These are all the things I write about in my books and speak about to groups- Apologia’s heart at Real Refreshment is united with mine- pointing sisters to the ONE who leads us on this journey…

Saturday night when I came home from Real Refreshment, my heart was so full. So full, that I couldn’t really articulate what I was feeling. I do know, that instead of letting some personal issues take over, and feelings of worry and fear take over, I went right back to the source of life for me- His Word.

I have spent so much time in prayer and in the Word since, and I am so grateful for Real  Refreshment for this weekend. It was so needed and at the exact moment that I needed it. Truly refreshing. I actually looked at my girlfriend during one of the sessions and said, “Is this really for anyone else?” Seriously, some of the speakers spoke exact words I had been thinking and praying on…exact phrases. God is good, isn’t he?

Apologia is bringing Real Refreshment to Atlanta next. If you are in the area, do NOT miss it! If you are feeling weary or are in need of encouragement, you will be so blessed! If you are looking for true fellowhsip with other sisters, this is it! There are also beautiful times of prayer and worship and being in a room full of sisters in Christ worshipping together is a glimpse of glory, I tell ya….it truly is.

For more info, head over to Apologia! 

I am now inspired once again to keep pressing on in this journey, clinging only to the One who can sustain me, and to continue writing and encouraging other homeschooling families. Have you visited my other site yet, Bible Based Homeschooling {on a budget}? I am daily sharing lots of great resources for Bible based homeschooling over there! Head over and check it out! 
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