Simplify…Once and for All: Needs Vs. Wants

A sudden job loss sure helps you to focus on the Lord and simplify. All of a sudden, I’m evaluating needs vs. wants more than ever.  A trip to the grocery store is so much more deliberate. No impulse buys. No extras. Just the necessaries.
It’s sort of hard, but sort of good in a way.  Sometimes we are stripped of comforts in order to keep our eyes on the things that matter most. I look at my kids and realize how grateful I am that it’s just a job loss…we still have each other. I look at my home and realize how blessed I am to have it. I walk up and down the aisles of the grocery store and realize how much excess really is around us.

We will be keeping a tight reign on spending right now, and on those wants. And that’s OK. 

So in simplifying…and doing it once and for all…evaluate your needs vs. wants. If you were without an income tomorrow, what things could you do without? Would you look at your life differently?

Make a list and pray over how you can eliminate what is hindering you from a deeper walk with the Lord.
Is it time?
Is it the desire for material items?
Is it feeling unsatisfied with what you have already…even when it is probably more than you need?

I am choosing to fill up more and more on the Lord these days.
He is the only One that satisfies. The only One that fulfills. There is no lasting joy in the temporal, but there is in the eternal. The more time I spend in His Word, the more I thirst for Him and not things of this world. It’s a beautiful thing…

So take some time and really evaluate needs vs. wants…pray over them and seek Him on this matter.
It is another step toward simplifying…once and for all!



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