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I did a ton of planning today for our school year and boy does it feel good!  I made copies, printouts, labels, and even a meal plan for September.  I am feeling accomplished.

I am so thankful for this day because it really gave me a boost after a difficult summer.  Seeing the plans for the fall have rejuvenated me and have made me excited!

As I talked about in my Heart of the Matter Online presentation last week, though, education is a way of life.  So all the curriculum books, binders, pencils, and plans in the world, do not make an education alone.

Education takes place from sun rise to sun down.  When my plans fall through, because God has other plans, there is always learning taking place.

Education is so much more than a “schoolroom.”  
I am teaching my kids to live in the real world, 
in the best possible schoolroom…the real world!

I am organizing various”centers” in our home too in preparation to make our home an atmosphere of continuous learning.  Lots of maps, artwork, and posters are up.  I have a lego area, pre-school area, craft bin (still needs to be updated), science area, etc.

When our formal work is complete for the day, the kids will be free to work in these areas.  Right now Luke’s favorite pastime is playing chess against the computer, and he is convinced he can beat the computer some day. 😉  John’s is fishing with Daddy (learning lots there!), and Grace is reading voraciously on her Kindle.

As I plan for the upcoming year I am feeling so incredibly blessed. To teach my children, to spend each day with them learning together, and to keep our eyes on what matters most.

Oh…and a reminder: I am working on some e-books for this site.  I can not wait to share them with you!! Stay tuned! 
These are the “tentative” titles:

Simply Living…For Him: What It Means to Simplify and Eliminate Distractions in Every Way, So That We May Live Fully For Him


Simplify Your Kitchen: Recipes, Meal Plans, and more…

Simply…Home:  Steps to a Clutter Free Home-and Keeping it that Way!

Simply Living…For Him: The Devotional

Until then…keep on Simply Living…For Him!

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