SNOW FUN, Written By Grace, age 9

You all probably know about the endless snow, but I have some activities that might turn not as much snow, into a snow fun day.  Here’s some things that I think are fun:

Make snow flakes.  Snow flakes are fun to make and all you need is white paper and scissors. Fold  the paper into a small triangle, then cut designs on the folded part, open it up, and you have a beautiful snow flake. If you make alot, play with them by throwing them in the air and catching them when they fall.

Other fun stuff is have your kids put on their snow suit, and if you have a snow blower then go outside and put the blower in the snow. When it shoots out snow your kids run under it like a shower.

One more thing to do, is set up a day when all you do is learn about snow, make a chart, learn about snow storms in the past, and play in the snow. Now if your kid goes to school, do it on a snow day when they’re off from school.

Hope you enjoy the ideas!

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