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Spaghetti Sundays…

Meal planning is key to simplifying our lives.  I try to maintain a meal plan each week.

One way to simplify meals is to incorporate a tradition each week.  We have “Spaghetti Sundays” in our home.  It makes meal planning a bit easier knowing that each Sunday is the same meal.  Spaghetti is something everyone likes and it is super easy (as well as budget friendly!).   We can change things up by changing the sauces each week or by adding veggies or chicken.

More importantly, it creates a tradition.  It is something consistent each week that everyone looks forward to.  Sometimes we even make it a little extra special by serving the meal on special dishes (I have large pasta bowls we bring out sometimes).

Whatever tradition you create, make it your own.  Make it something special and unique to your family.  Not only will you be simplifying your meals each week, you will have more time to focus on each other and Simply Live…For Him!

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