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Our NYC Adventure

Growing up outside of New York City, you would think I would be a city girl, or at least visit the city often. I guess growing up we did. My family took us in to see the sights and always to see the tree at Christmastime. We went to Yankee Games every summer, toured the major sites, and even attended the taping of a sitcom. Great memories.

As a young woman, I traveled into the city with friends for nights out and even drove myself in for a week each day when I was training for a job. That still blows my mind. It’s like I am thinking of a movie I watched, rather than an actual life lived. My life was a completely different entity back then. That’s for another post… 😉

Last night we had the opportunity to attend the Keith & Kristyn Getty Irish Christmas Concert at Carnegie Hall, which I will share all about in an upcoming post- it was fabulous! So my hubby and I headed out for a date night in NYC!

All I can say is, how on earth do people live there? The hustle and the bustle and the movement and the crowds…the lights, the noise, the stuff…everywhere. 

NYC sure is beautiful and there are people who just love it. Me, however…I feel quite clautrophobic! 😉

We had wanted to go see the Rockefeller tree and all the sights but the craziness of the city did not allow enough time. And I didn’t want to walk amongst all the crowds.

I tried to get some photos with my phone, but every time I tried to stop, the crowds just kept going and I was afraid of getting run over! So here are some (blurry) shots:

I am grateful that we live close enough to still go in if we want to, but far enough to come home and relish in our little town with just one (blinking) traffic light. It’s home. 


Home Sweet Home. The center of our little town.

I have never felt more home here. Yes, God made me for this life. Open spaces, farms, beautiful stars at night, chickens, and ducks, and woods, and streams…thank you, Lord. But that is what makes His world so exciting- there are city people and country people, and one day we will all be at home together in heaven. Not worrying about the hustle and bustle, but just praising Him for eternity.

While I journey here before that time comes, I am reminded that the simple life is for me. And it can really be anywhere- in the city or in the country, because living simple is more a mindset than a set of circumstances.

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