Trading in Pinterest-Perfect for Real Life: Seeking Jesus Above The World (Even When It’s Quite Noisy)

Seek Jesus

Last year I wrote a book called, Real Homeschool Letting Go of the Pinterest-Perfect and Instagram-Ideal Homeschool. It was all about seeking Jesus above the noise of the world in our homeschools, and not trying to attain what the world says is perfection, but what the Bible does.

Well, today I am talking about how those principles apply to all of us. Whether a homeschooler, new mom, grandma, or any other stage of life, we all need to be reminded that Jesus is the only perfect.

This world is noisy and is constantly telling us (and showing us online!) how we should be. Yet, those voices can quickly drown out what the Bible says. Life is short. We need to start using our brief  time here on earth for real living, and not false ideals.

Join me today and let me know what you think about trading in Pinterest-perfect for real life- a life in Christ.


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