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How do I even begin to share what God has done? My mind is still on overload from this weekend in Atlanta at Teach Them Diligently, but I will share that God is far bigger and greater and even more magnificent than our little tiny minds make Him. He has done such great work and I can’t even believe I am not dreaming sometimes when I see what He is doing each moment in my life.
This weekend I traveled to Atlanta with my 15-year-old daughter and my parents. Last year God did amazing work in bringing my parents to Atlanta to hear me speak since they had never been on board with me homeschooling. And last year, they were on board. It was amazing to say the least!

This year one of the things God taught me on this trip is that I have not ruined my children (can I get an Amen? 😉 ) If He calls you to do something, He will equip you. More than just academically, I saw on this trip just how prepared my daughter is for life. Nothing I did has made her this way. It is only by God’s leading and provision. But I saw that she is so independent and responsible. She is equipped for “real life.”
She set me up at all my presentations and she worked so hard to serve me. Praise the Lord. She talked to people with me afterward and was so helpful in every aspect of our traveling.

Her reward for all her hard work- Pizza Hut! After a long day of four sessions in a row, we took some down time in the hotel 🙂
And God has shown me that when I allow Him to work through me, He does abundantly more than I imagine. Before these trips, it is very easy for me  to listen to the voice in my head that tells me I am crazy for leaving my other kids and husband behind to travel, and I am crazy for thinking anyone would come listen to me speak…and then He always shows up. 
When I speak, I completely empty myself of ME and let Him fill me up and every word that flows out is through His provision. Speaking allows me to be fully who God wants me to be and every hinderance of caring what others think is thrown out the window, as I let Him take over every word.

It’s always confirmation to read comments like this one:

If you have the opportuntiy to travel to a Teach Them Diligently convention, I would encourage you to do so. It is like a glimse of heaven! You will be with like-minded families all in one place seeking Jesus. It is so much ore that a homeschool convention. It is a revival of hearts turning to Him for their families and the next genreation.

 And as I gazed at this photo I took from the plane, I wrote this on facebook:

Still collecting my thoughts from our trip to Atlanta this weekend- and preparing to do it again next week in OHIO! As I reflect though and try to wrap my head around all the work God is doing, the only thing I can think is—stop making Him so small. Our lives are just a little blip in time, yet He knows every detail and is in control of every single thing. When we make it about us, we have no joy because we are focused on our comfort, our wants, our agenda. And many times they don’t end up lining up with His plan for us. And when we focus on ourselves, we take our eyes of off Him. When we focus on HIM and seek Him above anything we desire, He transforms us and our desires become His desires. And then He does SO much more than we can ever dream or imagine. But getting there isn’t always comfortable or easy. He never intended it to be. That is what heaven is for. So while I am here for this very short glimpse of time on earth, I want every single second to be spent seeking His will above my own, and realizing the majesty that He is, and that life is all about HIM and never about ME. To Him be the glory.

There is still time to attend (affiliate) Teach Them Diligently Convention! NEXT WEEK (May 12-14) is Sandusky, OH. I will be speaking again and can not wait! This time, my whole family is traveling and I will even be meeting lots of friends and family there. It is going to be fabulous.

The speakers are so encouraging and it is so much more than just a homeschool convention. Hearts and lives are changed at Teach Them Diligently. It is God-centered and Jesus-saturated. GO!

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