Authentic Friendships

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This summer something amazing happened- I started inviting women to my house to pray. Little did I know, God would orchestrate those times for women to connect in ways I never imagined. When everything was left at the door, but we met on the common ground to sit at Jesus’ feet, beautiful things happened.
I learned from those times that we need to have more of those moments where women come together and seek Him together. Women came from all different stages of life and different areas of their walk, yet we all had our eyes on Jesus. It was amazing. 
This summer I want to invite you to join me as we gather women from all walks of life to sit at Jesus’s feet together. No pretending, no worrying about looking perfect, no masks. Women that have had enough of the emptiness the world offers that want more of what HE offers.
We are holding a women’s retreat in Gettysburg, PA. You can read all about here or listen in as I talk about my desire for our time together, as God-honoring women in God-honoring friendships.

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