One Year Ago This Week…The Beginning of a Dream

It is hard to grasp the reality that one year ago this week, we first laid our eyes on our new home. We had always dreamed of a simpler life in the country, where we’d have some property and the kids could explore and enjoy nature. We’d have gardens and maybe even some chickens. ( wink wink…visit my Instagram and you’ll see lots of chicken pictures these days!)

We dreamed of not necessarily a “house,” but a place that we knew was home. Where we felt our roots were solid. And God finally answered that prayer, but it came after a long (and neceesary) road.

I still can’t grasp that it’s real. So much led up to this, that I can barely wrap my mind around it. And the details of it all are extraordinary and only something that can be explained by God. I still ask myself daily if I am dreaming, and then I think if I am…I’ll just stay in the dream a little longer because it is oh, so wonderful. 😉

You know those things that you think will never happen, but you dream them anyway? That was us. We dreamed about a life that we now find ourselves living.

It wasn’t easy getting here though. Please don’t ever think my life has been picture-perfect. In fact, if you knew me in my teen/college years, it was quite tumultuous. I wasn’t walking with the Lord and I was in full rebellion. I lived in darkness. Utter darkness. Even despair at times.

Those times feel even darker to me now that I live in the light…

I did, though, dream back then to find purpose in life and find it outside of myself. I finally found it a few years later in Christ. I have never been the same.

And the light is so much brighter now because I know the darkness. I can’t help but share what He has done! 

The Lord has done great things for me and I am filled with joy. So while I am living what seems like a dream now, it wasn’t always this way. If you are in a place where you are wondering what your purpose is, or if your dreams will be fulfilled, then I would tell you to pray for your dreams. And pray some more.

In the end what will happen is, God will either give you that dream…or He won’t. But by praying, He will also line His will up with yours, and if you aren’t meant to have that dream, you will no longer desire it. And He will place in your heart a dream that is from Him.

The only way to truly live life, is to let Him lead you in every step. Surrender your plans for HIs will, and ultimately no matter where you end up, you know you are in the right place.

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