My House is Empty…

Five months ago God blessed us with the reality of our dream home. It has been an amazing five months here, and every day I feel like I am in a dream. The property is stunning and peaceful, and we have begun making so many memories here.

Often, I watch the kids playing, and I think about their future selves and what they will remember. I watch them play, as if I am in the memory they are going to have someday. And I pray…that they will remember a joyful time.

When we moved into this house, I was overwhelmed just getting settled and I couldn’t think about decorating yet. I would keep putting off unloading the boxes of pictures and wall decor, waiting for the right time.

Well, here we are and we haven’t done a stitch of decorating. The most we have hung on the wall since is moving in was today…these two little signs in the bathroom:

And those two little signs speak volumes. Because my walls are bare, and the house may still look a little empty, but it is oh, so full. And we are filled with faith and with family. The cornerstones of our home.

Our hearts are full because we have room for guests. Lots of guests. Our hearts are full because we are beginning our garden, which we love. Our hearts are full because we are living a dream that has become reality.

I feel like I live in a painting when I look at the scenery around us. We are blessed.

So, then as I watch my kids playing, knowing these are the memories of the future, I think to myself…

Will they remember our bare walls? Will they remember the decorations? No. They will remember these moments. They played. They learned. They grew.

I am well aware that every day I am etching in their minds their memories of childhood…but even more so, their foundation in life.

Some moments aren’t quite so memorable. There is bickering and attitudes and tears…there are the messes, the noise, the worries of everyday life…but on the other side of that, there is love. Unconditional love. Never ending. Always there. And we work through the hard stuff, with God guiding us each step.

They will remember traditions. Like today’s potato soup and homemade bread. I hope they remember the smells. How the house filled with that aroma that said, “Mommy is making our favorite dinner.”

They will remember forts. Daddy out in the woods, working hard alongside them…to build so much more than a fort. To build men. To build a future. To build a foundation of relationships that are formed in Christ’s love.

They will remember frog catching and rides on the lawn tractor.

They will remember adventuring in the woods.

They will remember ice cream in the back of daddy’s truck.

They will remember the house that was filled with love. Christ’s love.

So while our home may still be a bit empty, we are filled. And I am grateful.

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