Trusting God’s Will

I have struggled at times with trusting God completely…I would say I trusted Him, but deep down was clinging for dear life to myself. This house move has taught me so much about trusting in His will alone.

We’re almost three weeks into our move, and quite frankly I feel like we have always lived here. It feels like home, more than anything. I still marvel each time I look out the window, that we actually live here. My country house that I have dreamed of, is even better in reality.

I look back at the journey that got us here, and what stands out to me is that this was God’s will.
I see it so clearly now, from the house that fell through in the Spring, to how this one worked out in perfect timing- His timing. Even though during the process this seemed scary, daunting, or even uncertain, I recognize the feeling that came knowing this was His will. The fears never took over, the worries never controlled, and the uncertainties were given to Him. The times where I wanted to give in to my fears, I was able to push through trusting His plan. And I see now, how His plan worked for our good.

Obviously, we can never stop God’s will and often times it is hard to discern what it even is. That is where true trusting comes in. True reliance on Him, and never ourselves or our own plans.

Even now, there are things that get thrown our way…unexpected house expenses or things that we need to do, and it all is wrapped in knowing this is His will, so it is OK. No matter what comes our  way, I am certain this is where we are to be.

I feel so at home. I feel so at peace in this house. I feel like it was made for us. It’s exciting to uncover God’s will and not question every detail. To just rest assured knowing this is the plan, no matter what the future brings. He brought us here, and His purposes will be seen in time, and that is exciting.

After so much uncertainty last year and panic about the first house we tried to buy, I totally can see the difference in trusting God’s will. This time around, even when it was hard, it seemed right. That situation that happened with the first house falling through, was still part of His will..so that we could learn and grow from it…and in the end, I believe to make us appreciate even more what we have now.

The Lord never ceases to me amaze me.
If you are struggling with understanding His will these days, just rest. Just stop trying to figure it out, and completely know that nothing can stop His plan, and His will ultimately will be done, no matter how much fretting, worrying, or panicking we do.

That is a hard lesson to learn sometimes, but oh, so worth it.

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