Finding Balance in Jesus

The pendulum is always swinging back and forth...I’m so organizedthe house is a messI want routine and order….let’s unschool this weekI want adventureI want to be a homebody…the list goes on and on. The eternal pendulum always swaying from one direction to the other.

You too?

What is it about us that causes this fluctuation of ups and downs? The constant ride of the roller coaster in life. The constant swinging motion of our inner pendulum?

We want one thing, and then we swing back the other way.

I know so many times I yearn for something, only to have it, and start to feel discontent again. I want order and schedules, until I feel too confined. I want to have freedom, until I need boundaries. I want to travel, until I feel homesick. What is going on?

Is it just our personality? Is it something more?

Discontent lies at the core of our souls. 

The pendulum that swings needs a weight in the middle to keep it stable. 
That weight is Jesus.

When we have Jesus and we are focused on what HE wants from us (not necessarily what we want) we don’t have the huge shifts back and forth. The pendulum swinging is usually a result of focusing on our emotions and what we desire, and not what He desires. We want to feel good. We want to feel satisfied.

The truth is the earthly life never completes us, and never satisfies. We were made for eternity. We will constantly seek more or something else when our eyes are gazing downward instead of heavenward.

We were made to live for Him. 
We will never be satisfied on this earth without truly grasping that truth.

The pendulum doesn’t matter in light of eternity. We need to take our eyes off of ourselves and fix them on God. When we go with our emotions and our desires we will always end up swinging back and forth. But Jesus grounds us in the center.

A life focused on God and how He wants us to live means not  always relying on our emotions. It means keeping our eyes fixed on Him and what He wants for us. It may not always feel good or be easy or comfortable, but we can rest knowing we are fulfilling our purpose in Him.

So choose today to let Him balance you. Get rid of the distractions on this life that are constantly begging for your attention and causing your pendulum to swing back and forth. Choose to be balanced  in Him.

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