I Have Lost Control

I have no control. Really. 

I look around and see a world that is constantly trying to control itself. From schedules, to planners, to chore charts, to reward charts…to books that teach how to organize, to blogs, to videos. It’s everywhere. We think the more “control” we have over our surroundings, the more in control we are of our life.

Truth is, we are more in control when we surrender. Does that make any sense?

When we submit to God, and recognize that He is fully in control, and our job is to follow Him, and let Him lead, we are actually more at rest. We can stop chasing the “better way” of doing things {in our own strength} and start chasing Him…the best way.

I am a planner addict. I’ve had every kind out there…and especially at this time of year, when the planner is empty and ready to be written in, it gives me an adrenaline  rush to fill in all the blanks and feel like I have control over my life. The truth is, that blank piece of paper doesn’t help me to control my circumstances. Knowing God does. Spending time with Him. Getting close to Him. Seeking Him- then the rest of this life doesn’t seem so out of control, and I don’t have to spend so much time trying to organize it, so I feel in control.

Any control that we think we have on our own, or through a system, is a false sense of control. We will only be fully in control when we are walking with Him. Then, we can move forward with our planning and our systems and truly be in control.

So I encourage you…if you are feeling a need to control your life, let go…give all control to Him, and you will be at rest, knowing that you are right where you need to be…letting Him lead.

I want to be able to say…I have LOST control.

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