Today is the Future You Dreamt About Yesterday

Last year on New Year’s we were facing the reality of one more pay check. We were facing many uncertainties and it was a challenging time, for sure. Yet, through it all God provided- in ways we never expected and, at times, in ways we could never have even imagined.  

I remember saying on New Year’s Eve that 2013 would be “our” year. I was hopeful for the year ahead.

2013 was just that. It was a year where God showed up in unexpected ways and we saw the fruit of following Him, and not our own plans. It was truly a year of blessing. It certainly had its struggles, but God worked through them all.

As we look ahead to 2014, I am reminded how short life is. The kids are growing so fast, the days are passing quicker than ever…I no longer hold babies, but a young lady’s hand as she enters her teen years. It is all so surreal.

I know that we are never guaranteed one more minute of this life, yet often I find myself thinking of doing things in the future, as if I have so much time. However,  time goes so quickly. Am I using my time how God wants me to? Am I living out my dreams? There isn’t that much time. Life is short. I want to LIVE it.

I also try to keep in mind that in the present, I am constantly etching memories into my children’s minds.

What will they remember about mommy? 

  • That she played with them. Or that she tried to keep them busy while she worked…
  • That she taught them? Or that she was too distracted to answer the hundreds of questions a day that come over and over…
  • That she pointed them to the Lord? Or she was seen fretting over details…

What do you want them to remember?

So as I approach a new year, I ask…what will I want them to remember about 2014?
I vow to live in the moment, as I live it consciously aware that I am making memories as I live. After all…today is the future I dreamt about yesterday…

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