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Top Ten Reasons I am Excited for Our Fall Plans; Using the Bible as Our Main Text

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Unless the Lord builds the house, 
those who build it labor in vain.
Psalm 127:1

I am not rushing summer away, but I am looking ahead to our fall plans. I have been completely convicted about how we will be going about our studies this fall. With a middle-school age- daughter, two elementary schoolers, and a preschooler it is quite a task to plan. Yet, I have been convicted that we must use the Bible as our main text.  I want our studies to flow from His Word. It is the most important book to know in life. It is where our education starts. I firmly believe God will work an amazing transformation in our family if we devote our studies to His teaching.
{Matthew 6:33}

So currently I am working on how all this will look come September.  I want my middle schooler to have much more independent work this year, and will be giving her lots of assignments based on our Bible studies.

Right now I plan on committing at least 10-12 weeks on this. We are going to go through Genesis, really digging into the Word, breaking it down, and learning. We will also use it for science, geography, and history. We will all work together each morning for however long it takes to truly study the Word. We don’t just want to hear it-we want to actively take it in and study it. To know it. To know God.

From there, I have individual work for each child. We will do math and language arts separately, but will also add in other assignments all based on our studies. Copywork from scripture, research projects, and language lessons can all be taken from our lessons in the Word, as well as history, science, and geography.

Here are the top ten reasons 
I am excited to start our new Bible study plans:

1.Family centered in Bible each day. How can we go wrong if we are all studying God’s Word as a family? What an a amazing opportunity to grow together as a family.

2. Letting God lead our studies. As homeschoolers we are constantly chasing down the best curriculum, the best  schedules, and the best systems.  I am convinced that God is in charge of our homeschool and if we seek Him first, He will provide all we need to know. He IS the best resource we have and the ultimate source of wisdom.
Proverbs 1:7  “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

3. Activities for all ages. We will be starting with Genesis and there are tons of things we can do for the different age groups. My oldest daughter can delve into the plants and animals created by God, contrast evolution vs. creation, understand Adam’s sin and the fall of man, study the true historical facts of Noah’s ark, study ancient maps, and perhaps learn some new Greek words. The younger ones can do these things on their own level.

4. Great resources. I am currently compiling my information and printing things out, bookmarking, ordering, etc. It is exciting to have so much wonderful resources. My favorites right now are Answers in Genesis and Vision Forum.

5. What I can learn. Learning alongside my children is wonderful. I know God will be teaching me just as much through this process.

6. Discipleship. Discipleship starts at home. Learning as a family how to truly study the Word is far more important than learning it elsewhere.

7. Following Matthew 6:33. Truly seeking Him first in all we do, especially in our education is of utmost importance.

8. Schedule. I am always excited for a new schedule in the fall. Right now I am planning on having our family time in the mornings. Afterwards the children will do their individual work. For my middle schooler, I will be using the Student Planner from Apologia to assign work ahead. I want her to take more responsibility for deadlines, planning, etc.

9. Giving my children a strong foundation for their spiritual life. What a beautiful inheritance to gain biblical wisdom!
The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance”

10. Know their worth is found in him. I want my children to know God. Truly know Him. And by knowing Him they will know that their worth only comes from Him. Growing up knowing that truth is a huge goal of mine, especially as I have a daughter entering those oh-so tough middle school years. I don’t want them ever to doubt that their identity lies anywhere else but in Him and what He has done.

This is exciting for so many reasons, but most of all…
How can I expect us to know God’s will, 
if we don’t know God.

We must know God above all, and then we will be truly wise.

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