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Homeschooling Help During a Downswing…

This time of year always brings a downswing in our homeschool.  The thrill of a new school year is long gone, the excitement of holidays are over.  The long dark days of winter are starting to get to us.  Spring is just around the corner, but not quite here yet.

It’s a season.

In every homeschool there are seasons.  This is one that is inevitable, so it is worth planning for it.

This week in our school I have implemented an assignment of doing a report.  Now we have certainly done reports before, but mostly on a topic that I assign.

This time, I am having each child pick a subject that interests them and then research it. We went to the library and that “spark” that I haven’t seen in awhile came back. The six year old went from shelf to shelf getting excited about all options to research.


“No, tigers!”
“No outer space…”

Finally he settled on eagles…

The eight year old much more focused…went straight to the building, lego, and origami section.
He wants to know the secret behind building anything…oh and there was much excitement over a map in the “free” box at the library.

Seeing the spark ignited again for learning; seeing the excitement over learning new things.
That is what it is all about.

It was much like when I implemented Writing Workshops recently…sometimes small changes, spark that excitement over learning again.

My views of education and learning have changed so much since homeschooling.  Letting the children’s learning not be stifled by an enforced rigid method, but by letting them explore their interests.

After all, God has placed these desires in their heart to learn…whether it be building things, or an excitement for all of God’s creation…it was put there by Him and it is my job as their teacher and mother to nurturer these desires and see them come to full fruition in their lives.

I love the freedom in homeschool. I love the desire to learn being sparked again.  I love letting it be simply…homeschool.

It is nothing short of a miracle that the modern methods of instruction have not yet entirely strangled the holy curiosity of inquiry; for this delicate little plant, aside from stimulation, stands mainly in need of freedom;without this it goes to wrack and ruin without fail. – Albert Einstein


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