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Today I am answering the Homeschool Family Question of the Week for Christian Homeschoolers Taking a Stand.
This week’s question is, “How do you get everyone up, moving and motivated?”

My answer:
A consistent routine that becomes normal.  

With just about 4 weeks compete of school already, I am happy to say that we have had the best start to our school year yet.  No, we’re not perfect.  There have been tantrums, messes, tears over fractions, whines, etc. But I can look past all that, because I can see how much we have gotten accomplished and the overall picture of our homeschool is looking great!

The main reasons for this are we have stuck to our schedule and have stuck to a routine.

At this point since we are in such a good routine, the kids know what to expect each day, and have fallen in the routine very nicely.

Every morning goes much more smoothly with a routine.  Everyone knows what to expect.  Now, I don’t stand over everyone with a whistle and point to my watch, but since our routine has become so normal, it just flows naturally.

Our mornings have gone from frazzled in pervious years, to very calm and actually my favorite part of the day.  Here is why:

Everyone tends to wake around the same time.  My alarm goes off at 6, but I pray and have quiet time until about 7-7:30.  The kids generally wake around this time. They prepare their breakfast, get dressed, make beds, hygiene, chores, etc.

At 9 am, we start school.  This has become  such a habit that everyone knows at 9 am to get started.  There’s no whining when we start, no questioning, “When are we starting?”

At this time do our Bible reading, a devotion, prayer time, and worship.  It is my favorite time of the day.  We have also been reading from “Little Pilgrim’s Progress” each day.

After this time we move on to our individual subjects, break for lunch, and then in the afternoon we have all of our together work.

Implementing this routine and sticking to it {the important part} has been so helpful this year.  Each day {except Tuesday when we are out of the house for a local homeschool class day} is the same.
When everything stays the same, the natural flow of our day just falls into place.  Everyone knows what to expect.  And because we have stuck to it for a month now, it will make the inevitable crazy day that happens…that much easier to recover from.

Having a general flow and routine is a must to smoother and simpler homeschool days.

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