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Homeschooling is a journey. One that can be compared at first to perhaps looking out at the sea, and feeling curious about what is out there. It looks so beautiful, inviting, and exciting. So you touch the water with your toe, but then you feel the first sting of the coldness. You hesitate for a moment, but are still drawn to the water. So you slowly start to wade in, and all of a sudden the sting of the water is gone, and you feel more comfortable. The excitement up ahead of the waves keeps drawing you in, so you continue to walk out further. You get knocked down a few times, struggle for breath, but then you always return to the surface. Feeling more confident after each wave, you keep going. Sure some of the waves are really big and scary, but eventually you hit the part where the sea calms down, the waves have passed, and now you are enjoying the surroundings. You enjoy the beauty of it, the confidence of getting through the waves, and at last, you are free to float in the water.

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