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Balancing our words…

Words Matter

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I started writing this blog about 18 months ago, with the sole purpose at the time that it would be sort of a “journal” of our homeschool days.  It was also a time where I was just starting to read all of the amazing homeschool sites and blogs out there, and I could share ideas with those also in the homeschool community.

Well, the blog evolved over time, and soon I found myself loving writing, and loving encouraging others.  I started writing for Heart of the Matter Online as well, and found I really enjoyed writing and encouraging other homeschool moms.

Then I became interested in simplifying, and thus a new blog was born.  Hearing from other women, who were actually encouraged by my writing was humbling.  I knew how difficult homeschooling could be, as well as all aspects of parenting, and family life, and it was something I felt encouraged by.  The fact that I could share in experiences with others, learn from others, and possibly even encouarge others, was dear to me.

As I have been writing, I have found that many people can become sensitive to other peoples writings.  They feel bad about themselves, like they are not doing a good enough job, or other people are doing a better job than they are.

Since my purpose is writing is to encourage others, I often felt like I didn’t need to be complaining and grumbling on my site.  That’s not encouraging.  Some have mentioned though that it feels good to have others see our faults, because it makes them feel encouraged that they are not alone.  I agree.  But I also feel there is a balance between “wallowing” in our short comings, as well as in only talking about the high points.  We can wallow too much by making it seem OK that we are never organized, never on time, never meeting expectations.
We can also only show the good points, and those who are in a wallowing stage, may feel as though you are boasting.

Oh, let me never, ever boast.

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast.” Ephesians 2:8

Encouragement can be used to help “push” someone beyond their wallowing.  I have tried to do both.  I have showed our bad days, but rejoiced in the good.

But most of all, I have checked my heart in my writings.

So here is where there must be balance in words.  Words that uplift, but words that are authentic.  Words that are truth, and words that point those to the Truth.  Words that are humble, with the heart behind those words solely meant to encourage, never to boast.  Words that encourage, but do not scold.  Words that show fault at times, but also ways to overcomes those faults.

I pray to always test my heart.  To ensure the motive is never self seeking or self edifying.  Solely to encourage.  To encourage in love.  Love does not boast.  Love truly cares for others.

Words matter.  
And the heart behind our words matter just as much.  I have learned that very much in this past year.  While hoping to encourage, I pray I am balancing that with authenticity for those to see I am nothing but a sinner saved from grace. And a mom trying to do my best to simply live…for Him.

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