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Simply Living for Him…Christmas Challenge! Update!

I’ve loved hearing everyone’s ideas for simplifying this year.  I have to admit, even with simplifying, I still did get a certain amount of stress as of late.  Between homeschooling, entertaining, keeping up with the house, and all the extras of the season, I started to let it get to me.  I am glad to admit though, that I let alot of that stress go, and am keeping my focus on what is really important now.

We did simplify in many ways.  We did not put up lights on our house this year outside…just some in our tree in the front.  There just never seemed to be enough time.  So we let that go.  My decor inside is always simple.  Shopping was done mostly online.  Not too much running around.

As for being bold, I’ve been reading more and more on evangelism and have been very inspired.  I’ve been reading some great books and have also been reading R.C. Sproul these days…such good stuff!  More on that topic to come…

Overall, I think our family did an OK job of making things simpler this year, with room for improvement next.  As Christmas approaches I am very relaxed this week, and looking forward to a nice break.

This evening we had a very fun time making a gingerbread house.  We really were all extra hyper as the pictures will show.  It was certainly a memory, and a nice way to begin a relaxing holiday.


We got a little carried away with the icing…
Merry Christmas!

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