schiff nature preserve

Schiff Nature Preserve

Yesterday the kids attended a homeschool class at Schiff Nature Preserve. It was awesome! They offer a homeschool trimester, consisting of 3 classes that meet monthly. This series is one about birds, and yesterday the class specifically was on owls. It was a 2 hour class. The first half was spent indoor learning about owls, seeing up close feathers, stuffed owls, actual wings, videos, etc. The second half of the class was outside and the kids went on a hike. Afterwards, they got to dissect “owl pellets’, which were found at the preserve. These are what owls vomit after their meal, since they swallow their prey whole. In the dissection, the kids found many bones, and even some skulls. They then identified what the bones were so they could see what the owls had eaten! Disgusting? Yes! But the kids LOVED it!

I am so grateful for these awesome opportunities. Yesterday was a gorgeous day here weather-wise, so it was even more perfect. They offer all kinds of activities for everyone. Schiff is a beautiful place, and I highly recommend a visit there for anyone of any age!

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