Retreat Schedule 2018

Retreat Schedule

This schedule is subject to change.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

3:00 pm- Check in at the Lodges.

4:00-4:45 pm All alumni from past retreats are invited to join us as we gather for a casual meet up. Reconnect with the sisters from past years and enjoy time together before the retreat begins! You must RSVP for this meetup. Details will follow for those coming.

All attendees staying onsite can check in to their lodge and get settled before we begin the retreat.

Please get dinner on your own before the retreat begins.

-6:00 pm– Check-in in the Conference Room

Doors will open at 6 pm. Check in, get your name tag and some goodies and settle in for our evening time together.

-6:30 pm- Retreat Welcome from Karen

6:45 pm- Worship with Robin Miller, Noelle Miller, and Grace DeBeus

-7:15 pm- Intro Session- He Has Always Provided (Karen DeBeus)

Karen is going to address the issues of our culture and why we feel like we always need more. Taking it back to the Garden of Eden, we will see that God has always been enough. He provided all Adam and Eve needed, yet they stepped out of that provision looking for more. We will focus this weekend on going back to the garden mindset that we have all we need in Christ.

-8:15 pm– Dessert party/mingle

Enjoy some scrumptious dessert and casual time together for the evening. (Conference room)

-10:00 pm- Closing

Friday, July 13, 2018

We purposely schedule the retreat activities to begin later, allowing you to truly rest and renew…and sleep in if you wish! Or enjoy a quiet walk by the lake, on the hiking trail, and some breakfast on your own. Continental breakfast is available in the lodges for a small fee.

-8:30 am- Optional devotions and prayer. Meet at the Adirondack chairs with Karen for some prayer before beginning the day.

-10:00 am- Retreat begins for the day: Worship time with Robin, Noelle, and Grace

-10:30 am- Session 1 He Continues to Provide (Karen DeBeus)

In this session, Karen will continue the theme of God’s provision in the garden and how He has provides all we need to sustain us. We do not need to leave the garden for our gardener to tend to us.

-11:15 am- Break

-11:30 am- Optional sessionStop Window Shopping for a Better Life- Letting Go of Mental clutter (Karen DeBeus) OR Quiet time, Journal time, alone time…or fellowship

-12:15- LUNCH- If you registered for MEALS included then please join us in the Terrace Room for a Salad and Baked Potato Bar with dessert! Enjoy this time of fellowship and food with your sisters!

-1:30 pm- Session 2 (Jackie Foster): Join Jackie as she unpacks what it means to be truly satisfied. She will look to the example of Mary and how she obediently surrendered to God’s call on her life.

-2:30 pm- Break

-2:45 pm- Optional chat time. Join Karen for a casual time of Q&A- talk about how to reduce physical and mental clutter. In past years, these times have been so meaningful as we all glean from each other.

OR Quiet time, Journal time, alone time…or fellowship

-3:15 pm- Break

-3:30 pm Worship

-4:00 pm- Final Session- Jesus is Enough. He Will Continue to Provide Abundantly (Karen DeBeus)

This session will be the culmination of all we have learned this weekend. Jesus is truly enough to satisfy every hunger and thirst we have. Looking to Him as the Bread of Life and our Living Water, we will see that He will always provide, and He will do so abundantly.

-5:00 pm- Communion/worship

-5:30 pm- Group prayer

-6:00 pm: Dinner and Evening on your own. 

Use the evening to get together with other women for dinner in Gettysburg or stay in your lodge for some downtime. It is up to you! If the weather permits, don’t miss the gorgeous sunset over at Little Round Top on the Gettysburg Battlefield. It is truly breathtaking.

Saturday July 14, 2018

-8:00 am- Optional devotions/prayer. Karen will meet by the chairs once again with anyone that wants to pray.

-8:30 am- Continental breakfast (included for those who chose the meal option)- Conference room. If you want to bring your own breakfast to join us, please come on over to the conference room!

-9:15 am- Worship, Praises, and Testimonies

This is the most special time where we all will have a chance to share what God has taught us this weekend. Tissues will be provided! 😉

-10:15 am- Final words, hugs, and photos! 😉

-11:00 am- Closing

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