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Living Real Life in an Online World • Ep 103

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Today I am talking about how our online and instantaneous culture is changing us. And is it for the better. Are we missing out on the behind the scenes stuff, the real-life connections, and the blessings in the waiting?

I recently wrote this post on facebook and it resonated with many folks.

“In an age of Amazon Prime, we forget that things are done right, often take time. Instant gratification isn’t necessarily better.

In an age of Pinterest, we forget that life isn’t always picture-perfect. It’s the moments behind the scenes that shape us.
In an age of Twitter, we forget that things worth reading often take up more space than 140 characters. Deep thoughts and real dialogue often require many more words.

In an age of Facebook, we forget that life isn’t lived on a screen looking for likes and thumbs up, but out there in the real world. In real time. Often with no one watching. Those are where the best moments usually take place.

In an age of YouTube, we forget that life is more than an edited version. The real-life video reel is filled with bloopers and blunders and unfiltered moments.

Don’t forget the age we live in. It has changed our perspective. What we see in the media has started to shape our worldview. But real people and real life and real conversations and really hard stuff- that’s reality. Enjoy the snippets of social media but don’t get lost in them. Instead, take time for real life. In real time.”

So join me today as we talk about this important and necessary subject!

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Being Consistent in Your Homeschool: When You Are Really A Fly-By-The-Seat-of-Your-Pants-Mama!

A Consistent Homeschool

Podcast Consistent homeschool

Are you trying to keep it consistent when you are really a fly-by-the-seat-of-your- pants mama?
By nature, I am not consistent. I am more of a free spirit.I get an idea and want to run with it, and then a few weeks later, it often gets replaced with another new idea! Yet, I know homeschool requires a level of consistency so that we keep order.
Come and listen in as I talk about how God has transformed me in this area. There is nothing I have done on my own, but He works when I ask Him for guidance!
We will also talk about how we can have those unplanned days too, as we balance consistency with spontaneity for our kids and our homeschools!


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