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SpellWell Review

Grace is on her last lesson of SpellWell this week.  She will finish Friday.  I have really enjoyed this curriculum.  At the beginning of this year, spelling was not one of her strong areas.  She is a good writer, in that she can get her ideas onto paper, but the spelling wasn’t there yet.  With SpellWell, her spelling has dramatically improved.

What I like about SpellWell is that the words are presented on Monday.  Then each day there are various activities to use the spelling words over and over.  Grace always enjoyed doing these pages. Then on Friday, you give a test.  Grace almost always would get them all correct on the test  or maybe miss one.  It was very effective!

Since we are already finishing up the curriculum for the year and it’s only February,  we will continue with lots of writing, narration, and practice. We will put into use all of the skills she has gained.  Grace is reading a historical fiction book called “Five Smooth Stones” based on a girl’s life in 1776 Philadelphia.  After each reading, she provides for me a written narration of what she has read.  This goes along with Charlotte Mason’s methods.  After I read the narration, I correct the grammar and spelling and then have her copy it over with all of the corrections.  I will most likely start her on the 4th grade level of SpellWell too.

I am really please overall with the help SpellWell has given Grace this year in spelling.  It also has allowed her to have more confidence in her writing.  So thank you SpellWell!

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