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God Works in Amazing Ways-Teach Them Diligently Atlanta

this is a repost from 2015- may contain affiliate links


Reposted from 2015:

How could I adequately put into words what Atlanta Teach Them Diligently meant to me? I can’t, but I will try to explain just what an amazing trip it was and what an amazing God we serve!

First, if you have never attended a Teach Them Diligently convention, you MUST. It is like nothing else. The focus is on discipleship and Christian parenting and is about SO much more than just homeschooling.

This trip was awhile in the making. I had signed on with TTD back in the summer, but upon realizing that my whole family would not be able to join me this time, as in Nashville, my parents had offered to travel with me. (yes, I’m a big baby and didn’t want to fly alone!) At the time, it seemed like a wild idea, since my parents were never on board with me to homeschool in the early years. However, I felt like deep down God wanted it this way.

Over the months, I prayed for this convention so much.

Every morning I prayed that God would bring exactly who he wanted to each session. And He did. 

And the biggest and most amazing thing is, He brought my parents.

You see, next year I will begin my 10th year of homeschooling. Truly a milestone. When I first started out, I had no idea what I was getting into or why on earth I was choosing this path- all I did know, was that it was what God wanted me to do. I would have no idea that I would end up writing and speaking about it. I had no idea that God had me on this path for many reasons, and some of them had nothing to do with schooling.

Yet, I faced opposition early on, from myself and from family. My mom had lived her life with a career in public education. She was very against our decision. Yet, I knew I needed to follow God and the rest would fall into place. And it did.


This weekend in Atlanta God showed that He would work the impossible and make it possible.

It still feels like a dream, but my parents listened to me speak at a homeschool convention, and not only listened but are now in agreement and are proud of us. I can only say, that following God has truly been a blessing. He has brought about so many things. I never thought my family would be on board, let alone support me in this way. We had so many beautiful things said between us this weekend, that I never thought I’d hear. God is good. All the time. God is so, so, so good.

And the convention itself is like no other. I love being a part of TTD for so many reasons. Mainly, because their mission and their hearts line up with ours. This is so much more than a homeschool convention…it is a revival of hearts. A refreshing of spirits. A refocusing on our true goals. That is the stuff that matters!

I have a passion when I get up there to speak to homeschooling families. I love connecting with them afterward, in the convention halls, and all around- it’s like a family. And here I was with my biological family and my spiritual family all united in Atlanta. I can hardly comprehend it.


I spoke on four topics this weekend:

  • Simplifying Homeschooling
  • Using the Bible as Our Main Textbook (for one year; how we did it, why we did it, and why we don’t do it anymore)
  • Letting God Lead Your Homeschool
  • Ten Things Every new Homeschooler Should Know (Great reminders for all homeschoolers)



Teach Them Diligently has so much for the whole family- Mens’ breakfast, Kids programs, Teen programs, A Mom’s Night, and so much more! There are even sessions for grandparents. If you can get to one in your area- GO! You will not regret it!

Our ride home on the plane was nothing short of spectacular- I marveled at the Creation God has made. I marveled at the work He has done in my life and others. I marveled at Him for who he IS.


 And then, the ultimate welcome home. It was so incredibly sweet to pull into our driveway and see this welcoming! I love my family dearly. I am thankful they supported me while I traveled for this trip, and I am thankful for their love.



If I could tell you anything about this journey, it has taught me not to fear. There is no fear in knowing that you are following God, wherever He may lead.

During my last session, I held up this journal. I could hardly contain myself as I saw before me, so much come full circle.

This was a journal that I kept when I was deciding to homeschool- and this journal was filled with FEAR. I was so, so scared. Yet, I kept telling God that I would obey, no matter the cost.


And I can stand now today, and see those fears not only lifted but non-existent. He took this scared mom and put her in a place where she can stand now and give GLORY to GOD for what He does. Not what I do. But what HE does.


I held this journal, hardly recognizing the woman who wrote it, yet I held it up looking at my parents in the audience. It was almost too much to bear.


You know it’s a great session and God is present when you are speaking and look up and not only are you crying, but the room of attendees is crying. We were crying over WHO our God IS and how He works. We simply need to let go of ourselves and walk with Him. He will blow the doors wide open to things you never dreamed possible. Just be willing to let Him lead you.


Won’t you join me at Teach Them Diligently next week in Myrtle Beach? Join me in walking with God and looking to Him as we raise up the next generation of homeschoolers.

Join me in Myrtle Beach!

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Lost Your Motivation? Turn Around The Winter Doldrums in Your Homeschool Ep 79

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This is the time of year when I typically lose my motivation and want to throw in the towel. It’s dark, cold, and June may as well be a million years away. But over the years, I have learned many lessons about my attitude and how I can turn around the winter doldrums and continue to thrive in our homeschool. Join me today as I encourage you that Spring is coming! But don’t waste the time now…

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We Are Off to a Good Start

Well, another school year has begun. This is our 12th year of homeschooling, and as many of you know, our early years were quite an adjustment. You can listen to my podcast episode about our beginnings here or read about it in my book.

It has been a really good start for our homeschool. We slowly transitioned from the end of August to the first few weeks of September, with no real “first day” of school. I enjoyed the natural process of just easing into a new routine, rather than a concise stop of summer and start of school!

The mornings are cool, and the afternoons are still a bit warm so we are taking every opportunity to be outdoors while we can. We’ve spent time in our woods and riding bikes and skateboards.

Exciting news! My book, Called Home: Finding Joy in Letting God Lead Your Homeschool has been translated into Spanish and is now available for Kindle! Paperback edition is coming soon!

It was truly a blessing how the whole process happened! I am so grateful for those who believed in the book so much, they volunteered their time to translate and edit the book! God’s people are amazing!

We are also in full blown prayer and preparation for our 2018 Retreat. Early bird registration is now open, so don’t delay in registering! We are filling up quicker than previous years. Secure your spot today!

I am so grateful for the journey I have been on this past decade through homeschooling. It has been about so much more than academics. Homeschooling has provided us a lifestyle for us that is such a blessing, and God has taught our family so much on this journey.

I am also pleased to announce that I will be speaking at the NCHE Thrive Conference in the spring! Our whole family will be heading to Winston- Salem for the event!

I will also be speaking in some other locations in the spring and will be sharing those shortly!

Here are some snippets of life around here this late summer/pre-autumn. Follow along on Instagram to see lots of snippets of life out here on Love’s Farm!

Walks in the woods.

My love.

Tha family <3