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25 Days of Simple Christmas-Make Memories!

Welcome to the 25 Days of Simple Christmas!  Each day I will be posting an idea about keeping the holidays simple- so that we can focus on Christ and the real meaning of Christmas!

While Christmas is such a special day, so much of the joy gets lost in the busyness.  

Each day I will be writing about a simple way to celebrate the season.  To focus on family, joy, and memories, without the elaborate extras that can bring added stress. Simple can be more meaningful if it gives us more time to focus on the huge GIFT we are awaiting-Jesus Christ, our Savior.

One thing to keep in mind during Christmas season is that you are making memories.  Things that will be ingrained in your child’s mind for a very long time.

Think back to your favorite Christmas memories.  I bet most of them did not involve material things.

My fondest memories were of time with my family-cousins, grandparents, and relatives.  Laughing and joking…always having a fun time at holiday parties.

This cookie tin was my grandmother’s.  Every year I remember chocolate chip cookies filling that tin.  And that tin was there when Christmas came, or whatever special occasion it was…

I can’t pull that tin out without thinking about those memories.

And when I fill it with cookies, it makes me feel warm…

I try to remember that what I am doing each moment matters-
Do I want my kids remembering mommy always stressing about the housecleaning, or mommy running around outside playing soccer? (and boy am I terrible at it-always gives them a laugh)

Do I want them to remember me on the computer or in the Bible (self-convicting here)

Do I want them to remember me be stressed over finances and Christmas gifts? Or surrendering it ALL to the Lord and trusting Him to provide? Remembering me on my knees, faithful.

*Disclaimer-I am working on these things.  It is not easy!

What we do matters.

Our children are a gift and have such a short time with us, that we must make the most of it.

I pray for making memories that will last and ones that will be pleasant.

Children will remember feeling safe and loved, and having fun.

God’s love will be refleceted.

So amidst the busyness, take time to slow down and create memories.

Last year we made a gingerbread house.  We had one of those kits, and we set out for a family night to put it together.

Well, half way through we got crazy– my husband starting taking the icing and painting mustaches on the kids faces, and taking pictures.

We were laughing so hard.

So that year, did we end up with a beautiful decorated gingerbread house? No way…but we DID have memories.

These are the things that shape children-feeling secure in the family and loved.

Simple memories.

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