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A New Year…

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I have so many things planned for the new year. I am praying on it all before I act though. So keep checking back for more info! (one thing involves a new website coming soon…)

Last year, I wrote a checklist for simplifying in the new year. I am still on the journey to keep my home and my life simple, so that I can focus on what is important. You can download a copy here:
Checklist for Simplifying in the New Year

This simple checklist for simplifying in the new year will help you go through each area of your house to de-clutter.  There is also a section on steps to reducing “mental clutter.”
How are you managing to simplify this year?
  • Saying “no” to more activities?
  • De-cluttering your home?
  • Not bringing more “stuff” into your home?

Share your ideas in the comments below…Happy New Year! Keep simply living…for Him!

And finally…this is so great regarding New Year’s Resolutions…
“Resolutions, can only dive us into deeper dependence on ourselves…”

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