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{Simple} Storage Idea for Legos

If your children like Legos then you know how quickly they can overtake your home. There are so many pieces, and many of them so small. My boys love ’em, but we are always struggling to keep them organized.

Fortunately, my 9 year old is quite the organizer, and recently came up with this very simple idea for storing his special pieces. He is the same one who made a Lego design wall for his room. {You can read about that by clicking here}

You see, he collects the Ninjago sets, and when we attend our local homeschool group, it is the latest craze for all the boys. They bring their mini figures and they trade with each other.  So, my son took this empty tackle box and turned it into a Lego carrying case.

So simple, yet so practical! I just love repurposing old items from around the home. Using what we already have, and giving it a new use!
Enjoy those Legos!

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