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A Lego Design Wall-Repurposing a Former Schoolroom?

My son is in love with Legos {what little boy isn’t?}.  Not only building them, but designing new creations, sketching his ideas, or using the Lego Designer program.  Recently we started using the Lego Master Builder Academy.  He said his dream is to meet a real Lego Master Builder!

So, my little master builder recently got his own room.

Yes, our once “school room”
Has now been transformed to his bedroom.  

Well, since the room was a “school room”, we had this large chalkboard on the wall that my husband had made when we first started homeschooling {ya know, when you feel like you need a classroom…;)}

We decided to move our school things elsewhere in the house and reconfigure things.  After all…learning doesn’t take place in the confines of a room.

So, my son had a brilliant idea. He asked if we could buy some baseplates and cover half of the chalkboard with them.  The other half we would leave a chalkboard. This way he could design his ideas on the chalkboard, and then bring them to life on the other side.

So now we have completely repurposed our school room, with one little master builder quite happy about that…

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