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Having Less and Doing More…

I hope you have been enjoying the 10 Days of Simple Homeschool in the 10 Days series. It will continue next week, so be sure to check back.

You can also find the links to all of the posts from this week, at the end of this post.

Today we had a garage sale. Our purpose was to empty out as much as we could of things we really don’t need. Simplify, simplify, simplify.  Making money was not a top priority, as most of the stuff I had was given to me or were things I didn’t want anymore anyway. Any money we did make we will use for our RV trip expenses. We made a little bit of money, but the value in the whole sale did not come from the money.

Blessing others was one of the best parts of the sale. Seeing a woman’s face light up when I told her to take as much of the children’s clothing as she wanted, for a small price. The look in another’s eyes when she spotted softball equipment that was barely used, and she said, “My daughter is starting softball tomorrow and we can really use this!”  Giving clothes to a friend who knows a young mother in need of items. Donating all of my maternity items at the end of the sale to a local pregnancy center. Even the excitement of a dear old man had when he found an old small bag that he was going to use for his camera. Priceless.

People are priceless.

That is what Simply Living…for Him is all about. Having Less and Doing more. I enjoyed so much today just being out in the beautiful sunshine and making connections with people. Talking with neighbors and visitors to the sale.  Connecting with people.  Hoping to show them the love of God in the process.

So while I am grateful to have gotten rid of many material possessions today, the biggest blessing of all was blessing others.

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