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Glimpses of Glory and What I Experienced at Apologia Live

I don’t know that I could possibly put into words, properly, my experience at Apologia Live Retreat Baltimore this year.

It was a weekend of so many beautiful women gathering together for the sole purpose of encouragement, refreshment, and fellowship.

The events leading up to the trip were purely by divine intervention. Finding someone to travel with me {I’m a big baby to go anywhere without my family} to my friend fighting off sicknesses in the days leading up, and just plain attacks from the enemy trying to prevent the trip.

What we learned when we arrived was that we had a multitude of women praying for all of the attendees in the weeks leading up to the retreat, and during the retreat.  
We were prayed there. And we knew it.
We were all there by God’s divine appointment.

This weekend I experienced,  what I like to call “glimpses of glory.” 
Did you ever have a moment like this? Where you get a glimpse of what it will be like in heaven one day?
I do.

And this weekend I had a few of those glimpses:
When a room full of sisters are singing praises to the Lord, hands lifted, that sweet sound of praise is a glimpse into the eternal praises of heaven.
When a room full of women spend time focused in prayer…
When you are prayed over by the women, hands laid on you…
When a room full of women, strangers in this life but not in the next, embrace each other from the first hello….
When a friend and I who traveled together became united in this experience, bonded together.

The first time I had a “glimpse of glory” moment was many years ago at a ladies retreat with my church. I saw God’s love in action that weekend through the love of the women. It is like no other.
It is the true love that reflects His true love.

I saw it again this weekend at Apologia Live. I can’t thank them enough for this event and their absolute commitment to homeschool moms.

We were all gathered together for  a common purpose. To share in the love of homeschooling, to share in the daily struggles; to be real and authentic.

The speakers were unbelievable. They inspired me to pursue my hearts passion to encourage other moms and pursue my own writing and speaking opportunities.
They share in the most real, authentic manner.  Heidi St. John and Raechel Carman were simply amazing.  Real moms, and real love.

If you have the opportunity to attend an Apologia Live Retreat, do it. You will be changed. You will be touched. You will see a “glimpse of the glory.”


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