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Geography and Composer Study Resources

The kids listening to Mozart’s Magnificent Voyage, while coloring, drawing, and relaxing.

I love Thursdays.  We use Thursdays to set aside history and science and we read our Geography book, Ann Voskamp’s, “A  Child’s Geography.  Her children’s book is just as enjoyable as reading her book “One Thousand Gifts.” It’s fun and written as though she is taking the kids through a journey.

 We also do picture study (we are studying Rembrandt) and composer study.

It’s a nice change of pace and today we listened to Mozart’s Magnificant Voyage from Classical Kids CD’s.

These CD’s are great.  We have listened in the past to Tchaikovsky Discovers America and Beethoven Lives Upstairs.  These are dramatized stories set to the music of the composer.  The dramatization takes you through the life of the composer, getting to know their character, all while listening to their beautiful compositions.  We abslutely love them.

It’s days like these where learning takes place very naturally, without being forced or memorized.  Where it is immersed.  The atmosphere is relaxed. The kids are relaxed.  Mommy is relaxed. 🙂

I highly recommend these CD’s as well as Ann Voskamps’ book.  
All can be found at the links below.


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