Slowing Down in a Busy World• ep 141

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In the middle of a super busy and often overwhelming season of life right now, I am choosing to intentionally slow down. I have found this to be so necessary right now and it is so renewing and refreshing. I need to slow down in order to restore and in order to hear His voice above my own- that is often going a million miles a minute in my mind.

I am talking today about how summer is a great time to slow down and truly live, instead of rushing to the next thing. And no matter what season of life you are in…a busy mom of littles, or getting ready to send your baby off to college like I am, God can give you all the strength you need to slow down. I am also talking a bit about the hard stuff lately…how this summer is far from “normal” but how I am finding solace in the slow moments.


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