Spring is Springing: Lessons From the Hobby Farm and More• ep 131

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Grab a cup of coffee today and sit with me a bit and chat about many things…what I am learning as I watch Spring bursting forth on the little hobby farm, what I am learning from traveling to speak this past weekend, and what God is fueling in me these days!

Just Some Things-And Why Love’s Farm?

Podcast Ep 30 • From Suburbia to Hobby Farm

Preparing the Hobby Farm for Spring

Spring Cleaning Hearts and Home Series: Simple Homemade Cleaners: Purify Hearts and Home

Almost 13 Years of Homeschooling: What Are You Doing With Your Life?

How to Begin a Garden (And How We Use it in Our Homeschool- and in Life) Podcast Ep 88

Coming Clean. My Journey From Messy Little Girl to A Simple Life. • Podcast Ep 53

Slow Living. Quitting the Rat Race and Finding Joy in the Simple •ep 111

Last week’s episode: The Most Important Thing You Can Teach Your Child in Life•Ep 130

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On the Blog –> Kids Are Not Born Little Adults: Preserving Childhood

The One and Only Thing I Hope You Learn From Me


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Homeschool Convention - Denver, CO


Homeschool Convention - Waco, TX

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